How to connect to Tplink Router?

If you have a tplink router and do not know exactly how to set it up. In this article today we will be discussing Tplink router setup, tp-link login, tp-link default Wifi password, tp link quick setup wizard and much more. To know more information on a particular model, we are just a call away. Let’s start now with tplink setup.

Follow the instructions given below to setup tplink router:

  1. Connect the router to the modem using Ethernet cable. Make sure you plug it in the internet port of the router. 
  2. Connect a computer to the router using another Ethernet cable. Make sure all the connections are tight and secure.
  3. Now open a web browser on the computer. In the address bar field, type and press enter.
  4. Tp-link login page appears on the screen asking for username and password.
  5. If you doing the setup for the first time then enter default username and tp-link default password.
  6. Press login. You will see dashboard. From here you can choose to start tp link quick setup wizard. This wizard will guide you throughout the setup process. You just have to follow the instructions. You can also choose manual setup if you have knowledge of routers.
  7. tp link IP address is another option you can choose to setup tplink router.
  8. Change the tp-link default wifi password for security reasons and click on apply. 
  9. The tplink router is setup and ready to use.

If you want to handle your tplink router remotely then you have to create a cloud account. This makes easy to handle tplink router anywhere and anytime. To do so, we will be discussing steps to do that.

How to create Tplink cloud account?

Make sure you have a router that supports cloud functions otherwise it is of no benefit. All the latest routers support cloud functions. Follow the steps given below for tp-link account login.

  • We are here explaining through web management interface. Connect a computer to tplink network and open a web browser from the same. Make sure you have an internet connection.
  • Type in the address bar. Tp-link cloud router login page appears, default password is admin.
  • Go to basic and enable cloud settings. Click on register.
  • Type email and create a password through which you can login to the account. Agree to terms and conditions. Click on register. You will get a verification email on the mentioned one. 
  • Open the email and verify the email address. After verification, your account is ready to use for remotely accessing the router.
  • Alternative method is you can use tether app to register for the account.

If you get any issue for tp-link login or tp-link id login then our experts are here to help you. Get in touch with them using the number given on the banner or chat with them to get a solution. Rather than searching here and there, contact them and find an answer.

Tp-link Wifi router login steps

Following steps should be used to login to your tplink router:

  1. First you should connect a device a computer or laptop to the tplink network. This will allow you to login the tplink web interface. Otherwise you would not be able to login if you are not connected to the tplink network. It is up to you if you want to make a wired or wireless connection. If you know the username and password then go for wireless network. Otherwise go for wired network using an Ethernet cable. 
  2. After successful connection, open an internet browser and type or use the IP address for the same. These both are the same things as they led you to the tplink login page. If you are not able to find the IP address for your tplink router then we are here to help you. 
  3. Login tplink router by username and password. If not changed it then enter default otherwise enter that one you have chosen for your tplink router. Press Login. The next screen you see is web interface of your tplink router.

Troubleshooting TPlink router

Resetting the tplink router

When you don’t have any choice then using reset option.  Follow the next steps to reset your tplink router. Firstly locate the tplink reset button located at the back of your router. It is a tiny hole that cannot be pressed using fingers. You need to use a paper clip to press the button. After finding it, press the button for 30 seconds and release it. Your router is set to default factory settings now. You can now login to the web interface and make changes using the default username and password.

Changing the password for Tplink router

Change the password to enter into web interface of router because all the users know the default password and username. For the safety, it is a mandatory step to change the password. Log into the web interface and go to settings. Go to privacy and enter change the password. Enter a new password and confirm it. Click on apply to save the new password. Now, you can enter the new password if you need to log into the web interface.

If you still getting connection issues then you need to change the router and get new one. Just call us we can give you a good suggestion or a better solution to solve the problem. 

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For more information on these issues, call us on our toll free number. You can chat with us to solve the issues mentioned above. may cause some issues while logging the web interface of the tplink router. Web interface is where you can configure the router and change the settings for guest network, parental controls, see what is the status of the router, how many devices are connected to the tplink router. To solve these issues, get in touch with us. Tplink reset option is only good if you want to set your router to factory default settings. The problem occurs when there is difficulty in finding the reset button. If you can’t find it then we can help you finding the button as it is too tiny.